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Welcome to the Cannock& DCC Marshalling page. We at Cannock & DCC are always looking to improve the amount of people we have marshalling on all events from Stage and Road Rallies to AutoSolo & All forward Autotests.

We want to build on our core of full time rally marshals and get more members, old and new, into helping the club run some of the local events.

We are looking for people that can help run events in all types of roles
for example:
Safety Marshals = Making sure events run smoothly and keeping spectators and competitors as safe as possible
Cone Marshals = Making sure cones are returned to their original location if knocked out of position during an event.
Timing Marshals = Making sure that accurate times are recorded on events, using a stopwatch on Autotests and Autosolos, or official timing equipment on Stage and Road Rallies
Results Marshal = Making sure accurate results are recorded and collated
We will also be putting our members in for safety training and first aid training as we get more marshals into the club.

See Home page for a list of upcoming events, please contact our Chief Marshal via the form at the bottom of this page for more information or queries


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